Aircraft Maintenance

EASA Part M - Subpart F (UK.MF.0035)


Why should SEL maintain your aircraft?


  • Aircraft maintenance is a vital part your aircrafts continued airworthiness, it not only ensures safety but also to protects its desirability and resale value in the future. Our team has the skills needed to work quickly and professionally without the need for extended downtime.

  • Recent renovation and investment into facilities and tooling help support a professional environment and the delivery of a quality service. 


  • There's no secrets with SEL, transparency and customer communication are our priority. We like to keep you informed and we understand maintenance can become costly, that's why we're always happy to discuss your options. 


  • We maintain a variety of aircraft types including; Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, CEAPR, Socata, Tecnam, AERO, DeHavilland, Grumman and many more


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