Aircraft Management

EASA Part M - Subpart G (UK.MG.0431)


Why should SEL manage your airworthiness?

  • Managing an aircraft is not only time-consuming, but also requires a high level of expertise and knowledge. At SEL, our staff are trained to ensure that your aircraft maintenance is organised efficiently and the aircraft is always in a safe and legal condition.
  • We monitor airworthiness information 24/7, giving you the confidence to enjoy your aircraft without the burden of complicated documentation published by the authority and manufacturers.
  • We'll notify you when your aircraft requires scheduled maintenance and we'll always try to accommodate your organisational requirements to minimise downtime.
  • We have Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) issue or extension privileges.
  • We manage a variety of aircraft types including; Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, CEAPR, Socata, Tecnam, AERO, DeHavilland, Grumman and many more.

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