Important changes to the EASA Part M Regulation


Recent amendments to the EASA Part M Regulation, introduced the Self-Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP). This applies to all ELA1 aircraft not involved in Commercial Operations. Transitioning to the EASA Regulations means that the generic UK Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) can no longer be used. Owners of ELA 1 aircraft using LAMP (used previously by SEL) are required to transfer to a Self-Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP) by the next Airworthiness Review prior to September 2017.


For more information, please visit the CAA website Here, or feel free to speak directly with us.


Owner of an ELA1 aircraft, what happens next?


ELA1 aircraft – those with a Maximum Take-off Mass (MTOM) of 1,200 kg or less, non complex and not involved in commercial operations.


Owners now have the option to choose from a number of different aircraft maintenance programmes. The new regulation introduces two new options; the Minimum Inspection Programme (MIP) and a programme based on manufacturer’s recommendations. All programmes shall not be less restrictive than the MIP, must be specific to the aircraft and must include a declaration signed by the owner that they accept full responsibility for the programme’s content.


How can we help?


As a Part M, Subpart G, continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO), we are offering to develop a SDMP on behalf of our customers. Combining years of light aircraft maintenance experience, the MIP and information from the manufacturers reccomeneded maintenence schemes, we aim to produce a safety critical and cost effctive programme, approved by the CAA and tailored to each individual aicraft.


For more information on our services, Please contact us asap.


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